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Tampa, FL

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Directions to cruise port from:

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Directions to Tampa's cruise port from Tampa International Airport:

By taxi:

The most convenient way to the cruise port is probably the taxi. There is a maximum flat rate fee of $25 from Tampa International Airport to Downtown Tampa and the cruise port.


  • Taxi: $25.-

Time required:

  • Taxi: 25 minutes

By public transportation:

An alternative would be public transportation. It appears inconvenient to me as the bus stop is too far from the cruise port - hence a 25 minutes walk would be needed after the bus ride.

Take bus 30 from the Airport (the bus stop is located at the baggage claim level).

Exit at "Marion Street & Washington Street"'s bus stop, and walk for 25 minutes to the cruise port (walk East on Jackson St and then follow either E Kennedy Blvd or E Washington St.)


  • Bus 30: $2.25
  • Walking is free

Time required:

  • Bus 30: 30 minutes
  • Walking: 25 minutes


Directions to Tampa's cruise port from Tampa Amtrak Station:

The Tampa Amtrak train station is located within walking distance from the cruise port (walk South on N Nebraska Avenue and then walk East on E Kennedy Blvd):



  • Walking is free

Time required:

  • Walking: 15 minutes

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