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New Orleans, Louisiana

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Directions to cruise port from:

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Directions to cruise port from Louis Amstrong International Airport:

By Taxi

A taxi ride would follow the flat fare of $29 for the first two passengers (and $41 if carrying 3 passengers or more). This includes a $1 fuel surcharge.


  • 29 dollars (or $41 for three passengers or more)

TimeTime required:

  • 45 minutes

By shuttle:

The shuttle service located at the kiosks in the baggage area of the airport provides transportation to the cruise port at a cost of $20 per person. More Info at Airport Shuttle New Orleans


  • 20 dollars

TimeTime required:

  • 45 minutes

Directions to cruise port from New Orleans Amtrak train station:

By Taxi:

A taxi ride would cost about $5 to $6 ($1.2/mile ; $2.5 drop charge ; $1/additional passenger).


  • About 5-6 dollars

TimeTime required:

  • About 10 minutes

By Streetcar:

Coming soon: a extention from the Amtrak station would bring you to the Canal Street line. You would then have to connect to the Riverfront line to reach the cruise port.

Currently, you would have to walk to Lee Circle, catch a St Charles Streetcar (Look for a yellow vertical sign that reads "Car stop"), connect to the Canal Street line, followed by the Rivefront line to reach the cruise port..

New Orleans Union Passenger Terminal Train Station. Cruise Port. Julia Street Terminal. Erato Street Terminal. St Charles Streetcar. Canal St Streetcar. Riverfront Streetcar


  • $1/trip

TimeTime required:

  • Unknown, please contact me if you have additional info.

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