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Hong Kong

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Directions to cruise port from:

Hotels located near the Cruise Port

Luggage Storage in Hong Kong (both Kowloon and Airport)

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Directions to cruise port from Hong Kong International Airport:

By Public Transportation:

Take the Airport Express to Kowloon Station. From there, take a taxi to Ocean Terminal - it should be a 5 minute taxi ride.

It may or may not be possible to walk to the cruise port (in about 30min), I am not sure that pedestian walkways exist all the way. Feel free to contact me if you have more information.


  • Airport Express: HK$90 (the equivalent of US$12)
  • Taxi: Around HK$35 (the equivalent of US$5)

Time required:

  • Airport Express: 30 min.
  • Taxi: 5-15 minutes.

Directions from Kowloon train station to Hong Kong cruise terminal. Canton Road. Tsim Sha Tsui. Kowloon Park. Austin Road.

By Taxi:

A taxi ride from the cruise port to Hong Kong International Airport would cost around HK$310 and take about 40 minutes.


  • Taxi: Around HK$310 (the equivalent of US$40)

Time required:

  • Taxi: About 40 minutes.


Hotels located near the Cruise Port:


Luggage storage in Hong Kong:

If you wish to stay in Hong Kong for a few hours and do not have an hotel to store your luggage, you can use the luggage storage service at the Kowloon (Airport Express and MTR) Station for a cost of HK$40 for the first 3 hours (and HK$55 additional for the remaining of the day. More details on the MTR Kowloon Station website.

If you'll have to catch a flight to catch later the same day (or even the next day depending on your airline), a second option available to you: Free In-town Check-in Service. This way, you can already check in for your flight at the Kowloon (Airport Express and MTR) Station. Furthermore, this service is free (or rather already inluded in the cost of an Airport Express train ticket). What's not to like?. More details at Free In-town Check-in Service (MTR website).

Finally, luggage storage is also available at the Airport - not my preferred option, but I leave it here just in case you're interested. More details at Hong Kong Airport - Left Baggage.


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