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Genoa, Italy

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Directions to cruise port from:

Luggage Storage at Genoa's train Stations

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Directions to cruise port from Genoa Airport:

Distances are short enough (there is less than 10km separating the airport from the cruise port) that a taxi makes sense.

From the airport, on a weekend, the trip would cost about 21 euros (and that is per taxi, not per person).
5 (Pick-up fee) + 10 (Mileage) + 2.5 (Airport supplement) + 1.5 (Port supplement) + 2 (Week-end supplement)= 21 euros

By comparison, there is a shuttle available from the airport to downtown Genoa for 6 euros per person (link) - and one would still have to go from downtown to the cruise port.


  • Taxi: About 21 euros

Time required:

  • Taxi: 25 minutes

Directions to cruise port from Piazza Principe Train Station in Genoa:

Piazza Principe is located within walking distance from the cruise port. A taxi is a viable option - but walking is also an option, luggage volume permitting.



  • Walking is free

Time required:

  • Walking: About 25 minutes


Luggage storage at Genoa's train Stations:

If you wish to stay in Genoa for a few hours and do not have an hotel to store your luggage, you can use the luggage storage service at either of Genoa's train stations (Brignole & Piazza Principe) for a cost of 4 euros for the first 5 hours. More details at Genova Brignole - Left Luggage and/or Genova Piazza Principe - Left Luggage .


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